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Providing Innovative Business Solutions



HiSAVER® is an energy saving surge protector that dramatically reduces power consumption of PC equipment, home theater equipment and other electronic devices.

HiSAVER® eliminates standby power!

HiSAVER® utilizes an intelligent motion sensor to maximize energy savings. The HiSAVER® surge protector reduces up to 60% of power consumption with sophisticated motion sensor technology that automatically "unplugs" electronic devices when not in use. It also enables you to keep one or more devices running while shutting down power to all peripheral devices.

HiSAVER® eliminates costly standby power for:

  • PC and Mac equipment
  • Home entertainment components
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Other electronic devices

is a Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant product, making it possible for our partners to do business with government agencies and educational institutions purchasing with government funds.

TAA compliance applies to GSA Schedule and IDIQ contract purchases, and requires that products be assembled within the United States or in an approved country.

HiSAVER® received the gold medal at the 35th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva as well as other numerious technology awards.

HiSAVER® also received the New Technology - New Product certification by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in Korea. HiSAVER® saves vampire power by eliminating to zero standby power with world’s only patented new technology and save over 60% of energy consumption while the user left the desk while the PC is turned on.

HiSAVER® is a patented surge protecting power strip that offers Zero “” Standby Power, utilizing a motion sensor. When no activity is detected the HiSAVER® goes into the Energy Saving Mode.

The HiSAVER® has 5 outlets the 1st outlet is the main (used for the computer tower) which controls the remaining outlets, the remaining outlets may be used for peripherals such as a monitor, printer, desk lamp, scanner, etc.. When the motion detector detects no motion after a 10 minute factory setting, the main outlet keeps the computer on therefore ready to get back to wok immediately upon your return to your work station, the remaining outlets or peripherals are shut off, down to Zero Standby energy consumption, equaling a savings of up to 60%. Since the main outlet controls the peripherals, when the desk top computer is shut off the remaining outlets are also shut off, down to Zero Standby Energy Consumption.

Diversified Enterprises Group, LLC is an authorized reseller for HiSAVER®.